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To learn about Yosi Kitchen, you first need to meet Yosi Awad, owner of Yosi Kitchen and Yosi Kosher Catering. Yosi grew up in Petah Tikva, Israel, where he spent much of his childhood in the kitchen cooking with his mother and extended family. In the 1980’s he moved his home to the Nutmeg state.

And although he embraced his new home, something was missing?

The Jewish tradition of shabbat and home-made Middle eastern and Israeli cuisine. He missed the authentic hummus, babaganoush, tabbouleh, falafel, shawarma just to name a few.

He realized there were few if any places, especially in CT to find the same great tasting flavorful foods.

So, jumping ahead Yosi Kitchen was born in 2007. It was Yosi’s dream to bring authentic Israeli and kosher cuisine to the Market place. By producing all natural, health conscious, fresh, delicious and authentic Mediterranean Kosher food, he wanted to be the first choice of high-quality distributors, wholesalers and retailers whose consumers rely on Yosi Kitchen for healthy and fresh products.

Whole Foods was one of the first markets to take interest and in collaboration we developed custom packaging for selling in the retail environment.  The products were an immediate success!  Kosher foods in a retail environment are difficult to find, especially those locally produced and made with fresh ingredients. The initial products were Hummus, Eggplant Salad, and a variety of wraps, sold in varying sizes for people on the go. The salads were also sold on the ‘in‐store’ salad bar. We soon added Tabbouleh Salad and handmade Falafel. The Falafel was so good it was immediately offered in other stores, and it is to this day the biggest selling item.

Now back to 2002, the Yosi Kitchen concept was created out of Yosi Kosher Catering.  Departing from the software industry in 2002, Yosi started a small catering business.  In the early days, Yosi remembers when he would load up his car and drive to synagogues, using their kitchens to provide food for Bar Mitzvahs, Kiddushes, and Weddings, La Chaim!!!

By 2004, his clientele list had grown and Yosi quickly developed a reputation as a high-end Kosher caterer, one of the few in Connecticut, serving the entire state and crossing over into the NY to MA borders.  It was now time to take his dream further and he developed the Yosi Kitchen line of prepared salad and falafel.  So leased a commercial kitchen in Windsor CT to launch his vision of creating a taste using the highest quality foods.  All products are inspired from authentic and traditional Mediterranean recipes with Yosi Kitchen’s special touch. We add the flavor of experience with authentic spice and herb mixes found only in our products. We use only all-natural ingredients made with no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors to deliver a clean label product that is high in quality, fresh, and great tasting, time after time. We accomplish this with a devoted staff who have a passion for Yosi Kitchen products. 

Our mantra, “Good Food for Every Day”

Today, we continue the success of Yosi Kosher Catering and Yosi Kitchen.  We have a Market on premises offering many Kosher grocery and Israeli specialty items, prepared foods, soups and more.  And from the market, we offer a take-Out menu of authentic and excellent falafel, shawarma and more through delivery services like Uber, Grubhub and Doordash.

And last but certainly not least, we have several bakery items on hand and will make any of our special Israeli cookies and dessert on your request.  No special occasion necessary to enjoy Dafna’s baked goods


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What our clients say

My favorite place to eat, fresh, delicious, Israeli food and amazing desserts!

Delilah Hiebert

Amazing falafels , falafel sandwiches, humus, and everything else the offer.  Tastes as good as being back in Israel!  Friendly service and great value.  Give it a try, and you'll be back for more.

Jam A.
Indianapolis, IN

We had a wonderful lunch the other day. Everything was fresh, flavorful and perfectly prepared. All of this deliciousness was made even better by the wonderful people at Yosi Kitchen! Highly recommend and will be back! Thank you!

Katie Ramsdell

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