Shabbat Dinner

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$15 per person
Please choose one item from each line
30 person minimum order
Yosi Kosher Catering is pleased to announce our new program for Shabbat Dinners. We would like to cater the next Shabbat Dinner for your synagogue and have included a menu for your consideration.
Challah Rolls or Challah Loaf
Chicken Soup or Green Salad
Roast Chicken: Mediterranean or Honey Garlic
Jerusalem Green Beans or Steamed Veggies
Roast Potatoes or Majadra Rice or Couscous
Chef’s Choice of Dessert

Free Delivery in the Greater Hartford Area!
To place an order please contact us through the following means:
(Please order no later than the Monday before the Dinner)

Phone: (860) 688-6677
Fax: (860) 831-1800